Hair up or hair down? Here our tips!

Hair up or hair down? Here our tips!

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If choosing your Wedding dress wasn’t difficult enough, deciding how to wear your hair on your big day is just as big a dilemma. It is a detail often overlooked, to begin with, until you start playing around with ideas and styles when many brides realise just how much weight this small decision can carry.

Your Wedding dress can look completely different with your hair up to when it is down. Do you want extravagant or simply elegant?  Will your bridesmaids follow a similar style or be completely different? With incredibly talented professionals and just how versatile hair is, there are so many choices that it can be overwhelming. It is also incredibly personal many brides become quite emotional when trying out different styles, especially when they do not look as expected – this is why our top tip is to always, always have a trial before the big day. For some ideas, inspiration and advice, look no further!

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Don’t forget to be you
As tempting as it can be to try a completely new cut, colour or style, sometimes it’s best just to stick to being you.  Trying a completely new look on your Wedding day can be a risk. Of course, every girl wants to feel a million dollars and have something truly special, but stick to what reflects your natural style and look.

Accessories are not just for your neck and hands
There is a whole world of stunning accessories that can be used to your hair style. From sparkling jewels to perfect pearls, add a gorgeous edge to a simple style or enhance an intricate design – it’s all in the detail!

Bring your locks into blossom
Precious stones and beautiful clips are not the only way that Brides are adding gorgeous detail to their hair on their big day. You can add flowers to almost any style, whether gently tied into the design or pattern, or an arrangement pre-styled into an accessory, such as a tiara, crown band or clip. Whether lots of little buds or one off flowers, this is an easy way to add colour, texture and detail to your hair style for those of you who want that little something extra but are not as keen on jewels.

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel
So many brides consider extensions for their big day.  Now, we’ve spoken about maybe avoiding a complete change of style or cut, but a little added length or thickness is often harmless enough. If you are thinking of having extensions to enhance your hair, do your research and try them out first. Many people completely underestimate the weight that extensions can carry, so if possible, have a trial run first. There is nothing worse than getting half way through your Wedding day and suddenly your head feels twice as heavy as the weight of the extra hair begins to take its toll, or you begin to experience discomfort and itchiness from the glue or clips.  Both are really common issues so make sure you source a good quality product, a professional who knows exactly what they are doing to fit them and have a trial run if you can.

Up or down?
The age-old question.  What is best?  Well, we do not have an answer, because there is no answer.  This is really down to your personal preference. When trying on Wedding dresses, change your hair style so you see the dress with your hair up and down; this can be a great starting point as some dresses suit one more than the other. Spend an evening with your bridesmaids and girlfriends to try different styles and designs, the only way to see what something will really look like is to do it!

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