How to Plan Your Wedding in Italy

How to Plan Your Wedding in Italy

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Couples who want to get married in Europe have a wealth of incredible locations to choose from but possibly none more beautiful than Italy. From Milan’s stylish streets to the fields and vineyards of Tuscany and south to the unspoilt beaches of Salento, a destination wedding in Italy is a dream we would love to make your reality.

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Finding a Wedding Planner in Italy

Unless you are very familiar with Italy and have the opportunity to visit your suppliers directly, your first step when planning your Italian wedding is to engage the services of a reputable destination wedding planner. Not only will they know who the best local suppliers are, they will save you time and expensive mistakes by presenting you with a shortlist of locations and venues that fit your brief. They will also guide you through the red tape of getting married abroad, sourcing translated documents and making sure your union is as legal as it is emotional.

Look for a wedding planner who:

  • speaks the local language fluently;
  • has strong links with a variety of suppliers;
  • can show you a portfolio of weddings they have planned in your budget;
  • really listens to what you say you want your wedding to look and feel like.

Choosing Your Italian Wedding Venue

Wherever you decide to tie the knot it needs to be accessible, especially if your guests can only escape for a weekend. Luckily, Italy is well served by numerous airlines flying from various UK airports. The Lake District is around 30 minutes from Milan, for example, while Sardinia is a jewel of an island with an Italian flavour all of its own. The famous landmarks of Rome and Pisa make an unbeatable backdrop for your wedding photos and holiday snaps, or chill in a Tuscan villa drinking wine made from surrounding vines.

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Using an experienced wedding planner will help you get the balance between fantasy and practicality perfect by finding the ideal venue, suggesting a range of activities and excursions your guests may enjoy, arranging transfers from the airport and transport to your venue, and assisting with block booking their accommodation if required.

Planning a destination wedding is about more than picking a favourite holiday spot and packing a pretty white dress however when you have a skilled destination wedding planner on your side the planning of it is almost as enjoyable as the event itself.

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